Maker Faire 2008

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A beautiful flying car. I didn't see an information card. This was more of a museum piece than a mode of transport.


Ferris tried to hide his excitement...


...but the ThermaCAM T400 betrayed his cranium full of burning questions.

This themal camera demonstator was very professional. He didn't even flinch when I started demanding that he point it at my crotch.


Next, we met Windell and Linore from evil mad scientist and checked out what they had to offer. Windell is a rockstar with electronic projects and was showcasing the candyfab 5000 and had an awesome little bench set up to help people build their own toothbrush-robot.


It worked!

The bristle bot is pretty awesome. The secret is those little brushes.

Who would have thought I could build my own micro-racer out of four items and no soldering? With a little work, this baby'll be able to clean my teeth while I drive to work!

Bristle-bot video

Sterling engine in operation
I wanted to build a sterling (heat) engine for the light sharpener, but was somewhat intimidated by the complexity of them... and by the fact that I had never actually seen one work.

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May 10th, 2008.  

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