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A pedal-powered ferris wheel. It looked crazy-dangerous, these two guys were whipping around like mad.

I would not want to go on the teacups ride with one of these dudes.

It was a beautiful day.

I could have used this photo as the first photo, because it sets the mood of the faire, but it was right here in Chronological order.

A closeup of a minicomputer reproduction. I don't remember who built this.

A shot of the inside of the main hall.

Bathsheba Grossman's 3-D Printing Art had one of the most impressive displays that didn't involve plasma.

Model rockets.

They had a nice display illustrating the strength of the various solid rocket engines.

The Center lawn was filled with very small, crafty vendors.

It wasn't the usual earth-day vendors, there was a much higher hipster quotient.

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Maker Faire Page 1 2 3

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April 23, 2006.  

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