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What fair would be complete without music? Oh, wait, this was a VJ, about to participate in a remixing competition on giant screens behind him.

In the Play Day building.

One of the Hot Glue tables

This had to be one of the most-fun sweatshops of all time!

Microsoft had an entire pavillion to themselves. These little PC-tablets were the crowd-pleaser.

I believe they were calling them "Ipods".

A skinned mechanical pterodactyl from the Make Workshops building.

And the requisite Renaissance Pleasure Faire dudes and their armory-tent.

And the fabulous lawnmower bike to finish.

We had a great time. It was a nice day, everyone seemed to be in a great mood.

I enjoyed meeting quite a few people, running into some old friends, and meeting some readers.

I uploaded a couple of videos of the day's action to Google Video:

Ribbon dancer robot.

Simon Trampoline.

Simple windmills.

Bicycle-powered Ferris Wheel.

Fire cannons.

Makers Faire Page 1 2 3

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April 23, 2006.  

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