Herbalife Distributors try to recruit new distributors by placing ads for jobs on Monster.com and other job search sites. They do not use the Herbalife name. Instead they use names like "Global Online Systems", "Home Based Marketing System" to hide their true nature and inhibit attempts to uncover background information.

I would like to help put an end to this practice. 

On Saturday, February 21st, 2004, I printed and compiled the letters below and mailed them to Monster headquarters. I hope this will help bring a change in this situation. 

Dear Rob,

Thanks for your thorough investigation on Herbalife and make it public for anyone to find out about it. I sort of suspected that The Global Online System might be phony but it appeared on Monster.com so I decided to look into it. After I visited their website, which does not say anything, I found your article and your ariticle confirmed my suspicion.

So Thanks, once again.



I forgot to mention in my email that these guys are now ALL OVER job search engines like Monster and Workopolis, if you want to add a footnote to the load of 800#'s in the U.S.


Garth Ell

Calgary, Alberta Canada



Just a note. I received a "job offering" on MONSTER.com from those herbalife guys. What a sleezy way to do business. That is how I found your website - you are listed higher than thier company on google for the name that they are emailing everyone "Global Online Systems".

You will prob get about a million hits from them - so I guess they are not all bad. Anyway, You have a cool site - congrats. If you are interested, My side job site is Smallest-Bikini.com - a very nice bikini store site - I would appreciate it if you could link to me & recommend that people start something like this in their free time (like Me) instead of wasting time on pyramids.

I just did this site on my own - from scratch - started in february from nothing - no web experience at all - and only do it nights/weekends. I am adding your link now.


Jody Massey


Well, I am searching for work after going back to school and I find the "Work at Home" advertised in the Monster web site. So I visit the web site...but my experience with Amway way back when I was very young makes me skeptical. Therefore, a Google search nets me your research which I read almost every word. I appreciate and admire your motivation and work. I have the total picture. I have tried to sell your story to the networks, papers etc.?

Again many thanks

An educated doofuss in Canada.


...I hate those tacky damn signs.

I found you by searching google for Global Online Systems. They are advertising on monster.com. After reading your site (and getting a good laugh) I did a quick search on deleteddomains.com and found 215 deleted or on hold domains in the past 60 days with the word "herbal" in them. Most all had the look of herbalife. Seems sad to me that so many people spend hard earned cash to try and succeed or get rich, but all they are doing is make Herbalife fatcats rich. Not to mention we suffer by the street spam that we are forced to endure.

Keep the site up. I'll spread the word.


Whitter CA

You certainly put alot of effort into your investigation of Herbalife. I didn't have time to read it all because I have work to do, but I did read parts 1 and 2 and some of part 3. Goodness, how many parts do you have? I do want to tell you how I came across your website just because I figure this will make you as mad as it does me. 

I was on, of all places, Monster.com. I was searching for computer programming jobs in Southwest Virginia. A LONG way from Sacramento, CA.

One of the job listings advertised "Work From Home" and said, "Company Confidential". Now, "Company Confidential" is usually code for "Scam", but I clicked on it anyway and was directed to the job description on Monster. Lots of hype. No actual info. But when I clicked the "Apply Now" link at the bottom, it directed me to "Global Online System's" website.

A few minutes poking around it and I was sure it was a scam. But I could find NOTHING about what one would actually be DOING in this great "Work From Home" opportunity, which in my mind proved it was a big con game already. So I did a "Google" search on "Global Online Systems" and found your website.

The reason I said all this is that posting this scam on a legitimate job search site seems to me to be every bit as tacky as stapling ugly signs to telephone poles.

Well, good work my friend. Continue fighting the good fight.

 Shaun Varney


Thanks for your info - do you believe it - they are recruiting through monster.com. I hate these "OFFERS" where they don't give any info about the business -- but they are so seductive. So THANK YOU for saving me a lot of time money and bewilderment.


While doing my daily search on monster, I decided to see if I could find out the company behind the bullshit on one of those "Work from home! Get Rich!" ads. I learned a long time ago during college that if they don't provide their name up front than they are in the same league as amway right? Anyhow - love the pranks and keep em coming!!




I have filed a complaint with Monster.com for listing Herbalife spam along with legitimate job openings. I don't know what is the best way to solve the problem. Maybe if they require all ads to state that they are from either 1) An Employer, 2) A Recruiter representing an employer, or 3) "A multi-level marketing opportunity."

You are on the right track by targeting your message to those who are made unwitting accomplices to Herbalife's deception tactics. In Herbalife's training literature, they specifically recommended NEVER telling anyone that the product or company they represent is Herbalife, until after they have paid money for it.

The Herbalife pitch is a subtle form of bait and switch, i.e fraud, and the pitch made by Independent Representatives is so consistent that it can only be viewed as the official policy of the company. If someone would document how consistent the pitch is (and you have made a good start), a good lawyer may be able to demonstrate the intention of fraud.

Keep up the good work.

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February 21, 2004.  

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