How Much is Inside Cheetos?

Cheetos puffs are filled with delicious cheese flavor.. and air.

Not only is the bag sealed with plenty of cushioning air, the puffs themselves are packed with air.

But how much air? The bag would have you believe that each one contains a "puff", but is that really true?

How much is inside Cheetos?

On Friday night, we decided to find out.

Cheetos are a Class 1 party snack. Puffs are better than chips because you don't need salsa or nacho cheese to enjoy them.

With a little ingenuity, you won't even need beer.

The first step was to start counting Cheetos. We dumped them out onto the table and lined them up in groups of 10.

Our test bag contained 240 grams of cheetos and a quick, greasy count revealed that the bag held 234 unbroken Cheetos and a small pile of broken ones (amputeetos) equal to 9 more puffs.

243 Cheetos in a 240 gram bag? Perfect! an average weight of one gram each!

Maybe normal people don't get excited about things like that...

Please continue reading part two of how much is inside Cheetos?

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March 26th,  2009.

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