Redbox: The Unbreakable Vending Machine


Our family has become addicted to renting movies from Redbox.

The machines almost always have at least one new release that I want to see, and I love the $1 rentals and the painless late charges.

Yesterday I realized something incredible – Redboxes never break.

I mean, I’m sure they do break, but I’ve never seen it happen. This is incredible for a vending machine, especially a relatively new style of vending machine which obviously has a lot of disk-swapping shenanigans going on within its walls.




Here's a peek inside. It's a seven-floor turntable of disks.


I wonder what percentage of a Blockbuster Video this one machine can hold.


Compare them to soda machines, which I’ve never surveyed, but which strike me as having no more than a 90% success rate when it comes to delivering soda for $1.25.

Or compare Redbox to the Coinstar machines. Coinstar machines are absolutely hopeless. They break down more often than a Real Housewife in a Triumph roadster.

What's the Coinstar machine success rate? I've never surveyed these either, but I'll bet they average something like 70% uptime.

Now here's the mind-blowing bit: Redbox and Coinstar? SAME COMPANY.

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