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kilowatt bulb

This awesome, ungangly array of lightbulb socket-splitters might turn you into MR LIGHTBULB!

Up for auction are 9 socket splitters and ten 100 watt light bulbs. When assembled, these combine to create a 10-headed hydra of incandescent fire!

Guaranteed to be annoyingly bright.

What young hardware shopper hasn't broken away from his/her parent, wandered over to electrical, and screwed together 9 of these things, dreaming of a mega-cluster of blinding light? Well, a lot of the other kids did, and so did I. 

Twenty-odd years later, I had saved enough money to afford all the splitters neccessary. I spent the $27, twisted them together, and made that DREAM COME TRUE! I MADE A SUPERNOVA IN MY ROOM!


Assembled lightbulb octopus, with included 100 watt bulbs, uses 1 kilowatt per hour. In Sacramento, this amount of electricity costs about 8 cents per hour. Electricity not included.

Ten twisting connections allow for many, many different configurations. Using ten 100 watt bulbs will overload the recommended allowance for the first splitter, so I don't recommend leaving it unattended. Using 22 watt compact florescent bulbs will significantly decrease this danger.

shipping is $1, only available for sale in the United States.


email any questions to rob

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