Extremely Classy Historical Gallery of eBay Curiosities Part 2

Reverse Marketed Zero Distance Golf Balls

Below are some auctions I've posted onto Ebay over the last few months. I always enjoy making up wacky auctions, but now that there is a Q & A session on every ebay auction, they are twice as fun!

Hide 9 beers while golfing with the Covert Cooler!

Rex Roller

June, 2003

Flat Screen

November 2003

Feedback from the Flat Screen Auction

Playboy Golf Pictures at BogeyPro

One Pixel Ad

April, 2004

FREE Sleeve of balls when you enter COCKEYED at checkout

Jar of Toothpaste

January, 2004

The Persistence of Cooking

May, 2004

"How To Break Your Club" T-Shirts


Box Head

June, 2004



Kilowatt Bulb

June, 2004


Slice of the Phone Book

June, 2004

Make Dad pee his pants this Father's Day!


Power Harness

July, 2004


990 business cards for Tana Gertz

February, 2005


Mobile Phones from Cingular

March, 2005

Smaller, Sleeker Kyocera Phones

March, 2005

Golf is WAY too serious! Enter BogeyPro.

Stack of Pancakes

May, 2005

Pancake Questions


Mummified Banana

June, 2004



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