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Introducing Rex, your awesome fun plush pal!

He's yellow, fuzzy and cute!

Rex enjoys dressing up. Any sock makes an swell turtleneck sweater!

His red beret completes the outfit!

Rex is mild-mannered enough to get along with almost all of your other friends. From the toughest wrestler to the gentlest toast.

When Rex isn't relaxing or having a tea party, he enjoys swimming, rock climbing and tumbling.

His fur is wonderfully soft!

The hat looks great and helps him fit into his red plastic playhouse.

The hat also gives him an air of authority, if your other pals get out of line, or perhaps need a roll model.

When Rex wants some time by himself, he snaps right into his fun playhouse with ActionHandle™.


One day with Rex, and he'll be your favorite plush pal!

Even kids who are allergic to acrylic nap can enjoy Rex. Just snap him into the playhouse and hold him at a safe distance.

Rex is 9" tall and comes complete with plastic hat, playhouse and instructional overwrap. Rex is waterproof. Recommended for children over three years old. Not recommended for homes with large dogs or stucco.

A bonus for collectors! Rex's playhouse is autographed by Rob!

The price of shipping is $3 within the United States of America, $4 to Canada and $4 to the United Kingdom. I accept paypal, money orders and checks.

Send email: rob at with any questions.  



email any questions to rob

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