How To Refill Dial Complete Foam Soap

Dilute the heck out of liquid soap to refill the foam, but at your own peril.

A side benefit of the Dial Complete Activ-Foam dispenser is that you can use greatly diluted liquid hand soap. This can save a little money.

I bought a large jug of regular "thick" hand soap at Target and routinely refill my awesome foaming dispenser with it. The thick soap won't foam properly, so it is necessary and economical to dilute it with water.

The Official Dial Complete FAQ answers the question: Can I refill the Dial Complete™ dispenser with traditional (thicker) liquid soaps if I dilute them to make them thinner?

Wth the reply:  No. Dial® does not recommend that you dilute any liquid hand soap because it could negatively impact the product’s preservative system and it could become contaminated.

I recommend ignoring this advice. I think they are just trying to sell more soap.

My research has taught me that the foaming dispenser works well with an eight-to-one dilution of water to soap. Thicker formulas may clog the foaming dispenser. Even a 100:1 ratio of water to soap produces foam.

Fill an empty Dial Complete dispenser with a little liquid soap...

..then fill the rest of the bottle with plain tap water.

Mix with a chopstick or with vigorous shaking.

Your homemade solution will produce a nice foam at a fraction of the cost of new soap. Enjoy!


A hand-made mix of water and handsoap appears to have grown some slime inside! The thinned-soap bottle was sitting in my linen closet for about a month, so perhaps the Dial Complete guys were telling the truth after all!

How much is inside Dial Complete?