Easy, Illustrated Instructions on How to Make Coffee

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Place a new, dry filter into the plastic cup, also known as a basket.

Scoop four or five tablespoons of ground coffee into the filter. Some people like their coffee very strong, and  use up to ten tablespoons per pot of coffee.


This is a photo of a coffee scoop. I use four of these scoops when I am making a pot of coffee.

This is a photo of another type of coffee scoop. If you are using a scoop like this one, I recommend using seven scoops per pot.


Now the pot of coffee is ready to brew. When you turn on the coffee maker, the cold water will flow down into the bottom of the coffee maker, where the heater is.

The water heater in a coffee maker is very simple. Here is a photo of the bottom of the coffee maker, with the cover-plate removed.

The water flows down a plastic tube, which is connected to an aluminum tube, in the shape of a "U".

The "U" tube is surrounded by a U-shaped heater. After just moments in the tube, the water gets hot and expands.

A one-way valve prevents the hot water from going back up into the reservoir, so the hot water is forced up towards the coffee grounds.

As the water boils, it will bubble up the small tube, and trickle out onto the top of the basket full of coffee  grounds.

It will take 5 or 10 minutes for all of the water to boil and drip through the pile of coffee in the filter.


As the hot dripping water trickles through the coffee grounds in the plastic cup, it absorbs the flavor and color of the coffee grounds, becoming coffee.

When all the water is boiled up and through the coffee grounds, the machine will become quiet. The glass pitcher of coffee should now be full of coffee.

Congratulations. You are the hero of the morning.

The heater, which is conveniently positioned below the coffee pot, now keeps the finished pot of coffee hot.

To serve the coffee, pour it into a teacup, or a nice mug with a handle.

Don't fill it all the way to the top though, a lot of coffee drinkers need room to add a bit of milk to their cup.

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