Mystery Shots! Booth in Sacramento

Will People take a drink offered by a stranger?

Last year I had an incredible night with the Rocky Challenge table in Sacramento. I offered people an opportunity to try something weird (drinking raw eggs) and it was a big hit!

Since then, I've set up the Compliment Exchange table a few times, but I always had my mind on creating some kind of physical or psychological challenge.

In August, I came up with a plan: Mystery Shots.

As the name implies, I planned to set up a table offering a shot of an unnamed drink. Would men and women on the street accept a drink from an anonymous table set up on a downtown sidewalk?

I thought people would. When Brooke came into town for a visit, I decided to go find out. Brooke and Stacy are two of the original staff for, pursuing strangers in Sacramento for Free Milk Night, Trophy Night and Watermelon Night. They were ready to help and I put them to work!

We found a niche on the sidewalk north of The Depot nightclub, across the street from Comedy Spot.

The setup was a little more complex than other tables I've set up. Besides the sign and table, we brought a ton of shotglasses and six drinks in unmarked containers.

On the front of the table were six red cups, numbered one to six, concealing six shotglasses.

The game was to roll the die, and take the corresponding shot. A volunteer would truly have no idea what he or she was about to drink.

IMMEDIATELY we had customers. Our first customer rolled a six and downed a green shot of sour apple.

Ready for the next brave soul.

They came in groups! One brave/reckless person would drag his gang over and eye the table.

Many people asked us why we were doing this, administering the Mystery Shot Challenge.

"For fun!" we answered. It was fun!

Typically half of the group was trying to talk the adventurer out of this decision.

But, the group could only rarely talk them out of their deed. They rolled the dice and took their shot.

Brooke, Stacy and I agreed to keep the mystery a mystery.

Only after they drank the shot would we reveal what they had just consumed.

"Mystery Shots!" we yelled.

"Yes! It is free!"