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  30. American Pie Drive Thru
  31. Google's Chad Bikes America
  32. Image-lifting imposter!
  33. Declaring Myself the Winner
  34. The Coffee Lid Sign
  35. University Sculpture Replacement
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Sam's Club Prank
I am a Sam's Club member, specializing in purchases of bananas and milk.

On a recent visit in search of a quality, yet low-priced tequila, I realized that their on shelf price tags are rather generic.

They are printed without decoration, black on white paper measuring four by seven inches, with a straightforward layout using common fonts.

And if I can make it, I can prank it.

I made a list of all the absurd products that Sam's Club should have, and dropped them into my new Sam's Club shelf pricetag template. Mike suggested a tag for 1944 Chateau La fete boxed wine. Rob Jordan suggested "Goat Balls" and a "Get out of Jail Free Gift Card". Chris suggested "Gift of the Magi".

Finding identical plastic sign holders looked like it was going to be expensive, so I faked it with a laminated version instead. I used adhesive/magnetic tape on the reverse.

Once I knew I could make pretty good copies, I solicited a few helpers. But first, I had to find out if they phony tags would actually work!

My target was the Sam's Club on Watt Avenue in Sacramento. It was super busy on Saturday afternoon, so I had almost no fear of being seen. I kept my fake tags hidden under the child seat of my shopping cart until I was ready to strike. But no one noticed. I placed three tags, trying to get them placed in an appropriate spot of the store.

Here's a picture of me next to my "RIDICULOUSLY SMALL LAPTOP".

Next I placed "GOAT BALLS".

I had no idea how long these fake shelf tags would last, so I tried to get a quick picture of someone's reaction.

Would "goat balls" elicit a reaction from the subdued shopper's brain?


My tags looked awesome! I began production.

Four tags fit on one 8.5x14 sheet.

Craft stores sell rolls of this magnetic tape. This was going to be a very removable prank. At the register, the cashier asked what I was going to use the magnetic tape for, so I let her know I was making some fake Sam's tags.

Her response? "Why?!"

They went into envelopes...

...and out across the US.

Over the next two weeks, successful helpers sent in their reports plus photos! Click on out with the links below!

Tom Steve Paul Justin Nick Joe Jeanette Jay Guphy Chris C. Dave Chris


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