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The next morning, I stopped for coffee at the Naked Lounge.


For lunch I grabbed Pad Thai to go from the Thai Palace on 31st and J Street. I realized after taking this photo that I parked in a handicapped spot.
Lunch was $7.60. The noodles were very tasty, but again, I stunk up the office.
It was Friday night, and for dinner, Stacy and I decided to try Ink. 

Ink is somewhat new, having recently replaced "28" at this location on 28th and N. Ink is open until 4am on weekends, and it has developed a reputation for being too cool for its own good.


We were seated next to the DJ booth, and quickly realized there was some kind of production going on, with lights, cameras and a director. The music was loud, but that might have been because of where we were sitting.
A waitress came by and asked us if we would like anything to drink. Stacy asked for water and I asked for a Coke. The waitress didn't hear my order, and asked me to repeat myself. Unfortunately, when I shouted "Coca-Cola!" she looked at me like I was a jackass and stormed off.

Damn. Now we had to decide if we wanted to feel uncomfortable for the meal, or if we wanted to turn around and walk out. We decided to stay.

The waitress delivered our drinks without making eye contact.

I was relieved when a second waitress arrived to take care of us. I ordered the chicken tacos. They were delicious, and reasonably priced. The total for my meal was $14.75

I hesitate to actually recommend this restaurant to normal people, but it is probably a good choice for after-party socializing, pop stars and professional athletes. 
March 13, 2004 
On Saturday morning I had a late lunch at Coffee Works on Folsom and 34th Street.

Stacy and I split a Chicken caesar's salad and orange juice. The total was $4.60.

Giant Coke! $1.19.

That evening, Amanda was celebrating her birthday at the bowling alley. 

I didn't eat beforehand, figuring that I would get some nachos, but they weren't at all appealing.

I played Laser Tag for the first time, and despite my lack of adequate rations, I loved it!

On the way home, I made Stacy stop at the Horn Dog hot dog stand below the Pine Cove Bar. 
I bought an old fashioned hot dog with mustard. $3.


March 14
I must have been doing something intriguing on Sunday morning, because it wasn't until 3 that I made it out in search of lunch with Tom, Amy and Stacy. 

We stopped at the Black Cat Cafe in East Sac, but they were just closing, so we stopped instead at the 33rd Street Bistro on 33rd and Folsom Blvd.

It was a beautiful day, so we sat out in the courtyard. I ordered an open face grilled fish sandwich. It came with a bizarre little cone of shoestring potatoes.

The potatoes were tasty, but the sandwich tasted a little off.  I was faced with that restaurant-goer's dilemma: Would sending the fish sandwich back make my lunchtime experience better or worse? The food would be better, but the waitress could roll her eyes and make us uncomfortable.

I sent the sandwich back.

The waitress assured me that the fish had been freshly delivered that morning, but understood and took my order for a turkey sandwich instead.

The lunch was slightly awkward, but the second sandwich was delicious, the weather was great, and we had an excellent seat on the courtyard.

My total was $11.41

The double late lunch at 33rd Street ended up being the only meal I ate that day.

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