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On Sunday morning, after a few final snowball fights, we headed back down the hill to Sacramento.

We stopped for fuel in Placerville.

Good luck brought us to Shoestring Famous Chili dogs. I ordered a chili dog, and it was fan-TASTIC!

I know it is hard to believe, but this chili dog from a roadside stand was the best food so far, all month long.

With a Coke, my lunchtime total was $4.35.

Back on the road, we talked and played cruel Catch Phrase until we dropped the Hamiltons off at the train station.


For dinner, I revisited the Pyramid Brewing Company with Stacy. She had another cobb salad & I had the Black Salmon and a Root Beer.

I forgot to take a photo of my meal until I had nearly finished it.

Pyramid is a good place, with pretty good food. It would probably be better with three or four beers.

Pyramid is another place that doesn't bring any water unless you ask for it, which I've always disliked. In fact, I stumbled into the role of consumer advocate when I found a corporate Coca-Cola page denouncing tap water at restaurant tables back in 2001.

We had a minor problem getting the check. The waitress didn't bring it. It wasn't a big deal, but Stacy and I were completely finished, waiting, waiting, waiting.


I tried approximating the total price of the meal, but I refused to err on the side of the tip, and I didn't want to be accused of any wrongdoing. We considered walking out. I also considered hunting down our waitress, or a manager. Pyramid is a big place, but it was a slow night.


I didn't feel like I had any polite options other than just sitting there. 

Eventually the check arrived, we paid, tipped poorly and left. The total for my meal was $16.70

March 22, 2004 
On Monday morning, it came as no surprise to my co-workers that I called in sick. Sore throat, I told them.

I think it was the flu.

Determined to continue eating out, even in my desperate state, I dragged myself out of bed and ate lunch at Bon Aire Market, on the corner of 26th and J Street.

Bon Aire Market has really good sandwiches, at an excellent price. This is no secret, so there is often a long, slow line snaking around inside. I ordered the $2.99 special: Pastrami and Swiss on a roll. With a vanilla Coke, my total was $4.28.

Bon Aire was the only restaurant I wrote about in Why would anyone want to visit Sacramento?

For dinner I met up with Chris Loental at Pho Bac Hoa-Viet, a Vietnamese and Chinese restaurant on 19th and Broadway.

Pho Bac has a very broad array of selections on their menu. Two-hundred and eight different dishes, in fact.

I ordered the #53, which was noodles with a variety of meats, and a Vietnamese lemonade.

Dinner was awesome. Really good, with excellent service. $11.67 total.

March 23
On Tuesday morning I was feeling much better.

I tried a roast beef sandwich from the New Roma Bakery.

The sandwich had an unusual taste. It was on a sweet roll. $6 + $1 for the Coke.
For dinner I had sushi to go from Taka's on S Street.

I really like sushi, and at Taka's it is particularly good. It is one of my favorite restaurants in Sacramento.

I walked in and ordered, then sat for 27 minutes before my order was ready. I don't think I've ever waited that long to be served there, but I'd never timed it before this night. The wait was also more noticeable because I was alone.


The payoff was in my sytrofoam clamshell togo container - Rock and roll & BK roll - $11.90


March 24

For lunch Wednesday I visited Hana's Deli on 10th and K Streets. This was my first visit, and I was impressed with their wide array of lunch options. 

I had a delicious turkey sandwich, 2 dolmas and a Vanilla Coke. The total was $7.14. There was a little lunchtime crowd, 9 minutes to order and get my food.
In the afternoon I got a $3.80 mocha from the Naked lounge. The rolled paper lip of the cup was tweaked, giving the coffee a little spillway under the lid and by the time I got it back to the office, it was a wreck. A second cup was utilized in an attempt to stem the flow, but it was a lost cause.

Flawed cup/lid interface was responsible. I shouldn't complain, the waterproof connection between 18 paper cups and 2 plastic lids is something of a miracle.

I, once again, waited too long for dinner and found myself eating alone, driving though Carl's Jr.

I had the Chicken Club Combo. 

My fast food habits had tapered off in the last two months, and it had completely lost its appeal, as if the spell had been broken. I left the chicken sandwich unfinished.

$6.13, four minutes in the drive-thru.

I asked a Carl's Jr. employee what their drive-thru service time goal was, and she told me it was 3 minutes. I figured they would have contests to get that number as low as possible, but she said it was a service requirement, not a contest.

Please continue reading March 25th.

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June 3, 2004.  

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