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On Saturday morning I visited Noah's bagels on 19th and J street.
I had a sesame bagel with lox cream cheese. It was $2.49, and I left the 51 change in their tip jar.

For about 4 years, this Noah's location had a plastic box for tips. It was chained to the counter, with a tiny coin-sized slot for depositing money. A regular open jar, it seems, would be too attractive to thieves. However, the tiny money slot made it awkward to drop anything other than dimes into the box.

I'm glad they got rid of that box. They have replaced it with a regular jar.  It is a lot easier to tip now, and I seriously doubt that the occasional tip theft has offset their new EZtip system. 

For lunch I went to Sub Depot at Alhambra and Grenada. I chose Sub Depot over the nearby Togos because I like to support small, local businesses.
Unfortunately, My large pastrami and provolone sandwich had a disappointingly small amount of pastrami on it. 

The price, including the medium Coke, was $6.55.

For dinner, Stacy and I went to Lucca, at 17th and J street.

Lucca is a nice place, and despite the threatened one-hour wait, we were seated within 30 minutes.

The gal that served us was great! Happy and efficient and comforting.

We had an artichoke appetizer. I ordered the Citrus Salmon with an El Toro Golden Ale.  My half was $29.75.

The dinner, including the wait to get a table was an enjoyable hour and 46 minutes.


March 7, 2004
On Sunday, March 7th, I walked to the bread store to pick up some lunch.

I ordered a sandwich at The Bread Store on J Street.

Roast Beef and Avocado.

A tremendous combination. Luxurious. Decadent. Like eating diamonds and Cuban cigars.

And I paid for it, $8.20 for the sandwich, chips and a big Coke. I threw in 80 for a tip.

Tom, Amy and I tried to visit Pyramid Brewing Company for dinner, but they were just closing up. We headed to Paesano's and got Greek Pizza instead. We also split an asian chicken salad. I had a Heineken.

My share for dinner was $14.37

After dinner we drove through McDonald's to get dessert.

Apple Pie Prank 

McDonald's Order Code 000006 - $.74

March 8, 2004 
On Monday I got lunch to go at Los Jarritos on Broadway. This little place has great atmosphere, including a giant mural of Mexico.

It has super prices and a nice little patio in front too. There is a downside to the patio however, as a steady stream of panhandlers move past the patio like train-riding buffalo hunters.


I ordered the #1 combo, a chicken enchilada and taco, with a Coke. $5.39 plus 61 in the tip jar.

It was a busy morning at Los Jarritos, so ordering and getting my food took 16 minutes. 

After lunch I got a 44oz. Coke at Arco am/pm.

For those readers who have never experienced a 44oz.(1.3 liter) cup, this giant cup is hard to hold with only one hand.

Google image search for 44 ounces.


That night, Stacy and Amanda surprised me with dinner at Steve's Place Pizza on Howe Avenue.

We ordered a California Pizza, with artichoke hearts, chicken breast, olives and pesto sauce. The pizza was great, Stacy paid, but allowed me to see the bill first. My share would have been $8.80.

I recommend trying Steve's Place Pizza, but I think I should mention that the guy stocking the salad bar was also stalking the salad bar.

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May 27th, 2004.  

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