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On Sunday morning, some red dress runners came whooping through the neighborhood.

This investigation is still open.

Before starving to death on Sunday, I walked over to Quizno's Subs and got a Regular Traditional on white. It was $5.90.

Quizno's is located next to Java City in the strange Galleria demi-mall under the Capitol City Freeway. 

Quizno sandwiches taste fantastic, but I've always been kind of creeped out by them since I wrote the 83 calories story last year. Unlike almost every other food chain, they don't publish the number of calories in their food. I can only assume there are 680,000.
A few weeks after I ate there, I saw this sign on their window. The restaurant had closed.

If only I had kept that sandwich. Now it would be a collector's item.




Skipped dinner.

March 29
On Monday, I grabbed lunch at Jim-Denny Hamburgers, home of the super burger.

Jim Denny is a teeny tiny restaurant with a big following. I got a Double Cheeseburger and a large Coke. The total was $6.

While I was waiting for my burger, about seven people ordered the blackberry shake. 

That blackberry shake sounded great, but it was too late. I already had the Coke.

I should have done my homework.

The burger was really good. Better than it looked.

Jones Soda, Vanilla. 

For dinner, I took Stacy to Brew it Up! Brewery and Grill. I'm not big on restaurants that end in an exclamation point, not after my misadventures with Artichokes! Ravioli! and Chowder!

Brew it up! Is nice. Instead of bread on the table, we got pretzels. Score. Water on the table too, which is surprising because this is a brewery.

I ordered the herb chicken on rice with spinach, with Beer #2.

It was a little salty and oily, but good, because I like those things. Stacy was steered to her salad by our server, which she greatly appreciated.

We left happy, chanting and pumping our fists: "Brew it up! Brew it up! BREW IT UP!"

The total for my meal was $24.62

March 30
For lunch Tuesday, I tried a new restaurant. Camino Real. It is located at the corner of Franklin and Broadway.

Camino Real is a Mexican restaurant decorated like an Alpine ski resort. I was going to get the Hot Cocoa...

But instead, I got the Chicken Burrito with guacamole and a large Coke.

Somehow this added up to $9.26. It wasn't particularly good. I think the price left a bitter taste in my mouth.

In the afternoon, I got an iced Mocha. $3.93
For dinner I had leftovers from Brew it up!

Hmm. I can't end those sentences with Brew it up! without sounding enthusiastic. 


March 31
On the final day of my month of eating out, I ate lunch at Hot Rod's. 

Hot Rod's is a fairly new diner that is in the gay epicenter of Sacramento, just footsteps away from Faces, the Depot and Club 21.

It is a high-energy kind of place, with music videos on plasma screens. They are open until 2am.

I think I was trying to relive that Shoestring's chili dog experience I had back in Placerville.

The dog was good, but not Shoestring's good. It cost $3.99, and I had a $1.79 Coke.

It took 11 mins and 20 seconds to order and receive my food.

Finally I arrived at the last meal in my month of eating out. It was 11:40pm on Wednesday, March 31st. I went to In-N-Out Burger.
If you've never been to In-N-Out, it kind of feels like you are stepping back in time when you visit. It is bright and clean, and the employees are always friendly and courteous. They probably import them.
I had a Double Double and a Coke. It was $3.93. This was equivalent to the tip I left for my meal two days ago at Brew It Up!.

It took 10 minutes and 52 seconds to walk in, order and get my food. After taking the final photo below, of myself eating, I noticed a girl laughing at me from inside a van in the parking lot. What a perfect end.


A fascinating discovery! Eating out is more expensive, and more fun than eating in!

 In March, I spent a total of $622.43 ($20.08/day) on my meals. Compare this to the $335 I spent in February eating in

I gave $34.55 in tips. I ate at different restaurants every lunch, and every dinner, with one exception. I ate at Coffee Works twice.

The big surprise, for me, was how long it took to eat out. It was easy, when I was eating in, to whip up many meals in less than 8 minutes, but it was almost impossible to get my food that fast when eating out.

There is one question I am anticipating the most: How much weight did you gain?

Unbelievably, I didn't gain or lose any weight during the month of eating out. Same weight.

Next month I'm either going to try only eating freeze-fried foods or only eating foods described on Weight watcher's recipe cards from the 1970s.

Wish me luck!


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June 3rd, 2004.  

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