How Many Watts of Electricity does a Old Style Space Heater use?

Real power-use measurements from a old style space heater.

How Much Power does a Old Style Space Heater use

Old Style Space Heater: 1320 Watts


  • A space heater has a fan and a heating coil. They can use a lot of electricity, but are sometimes more efficient at heating people up, because they are almost always used within a few feet of the people who want heating. Modern electric heaters have thermostats to turn them off if they overheat, but they can still start a fire if you position them in front of flammable materials
  • Uses 1,162 watts on low power, 1,320 watts on high power. These two power levels were labelled 1300 and 1500 on the switch.

Power Use

  • Watts: 1320
  • Kilowatts: 1.32 Kw.

Operation Cost

  • cost per minute: 26 hundredths of one cent (0.26 ¢)
  • cost per hour: 15.8¢
  • cost per day: $1.27
  • cost per month: $24.09

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Power use of these items was actually tested. Individual items will vary, but these are the actual measurements.