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Awaiting the second loaf were three toppings: Honey, Jam & Nutella (Kobe's favorite).

While buttering my 32nd slice of toast, the tendons in my wrist were inflamed and throbbing with pain.

I gained a new respect for professional butterers who worked tirelessly behind the scenes at cafes, restaurants and hotels.  I salute you, oh buttering heroes!

I switched to using the stick of butter as a crayon.  This method worked very well, and I didn't even have to invest in one of those "miracle butter pens" they sell on that infomercial.
I couldn't stop myself from trying a little of the honey.

Whoever invented the honey-bear dispenser was a sick bastard.

Luckily someone had the foresight to move the nozzle up to the bear's head. Sure, it is anatomically incorrect, but that bear is going to be right on your breakfast table, so the original design caused a lot of controversy. 

There is an eight-minute window of opportunity to butter freshly-toasted bread, so we had to work fast.

This honey-covered toast hangs on for dear life as other slices of toast await their doom.

Jam covered toast was more precious, so it was more disheartening to see it tumble to the floor.

Unfortunately, patents for buttered toast safety nets are bought up by big business buttering conglomerates.

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May 6th, 2002.
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