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We had 10 butter & jam, 5 Nutella and 5 butter & honey slices.
It was getting hard to walk across the floor without stepping on some fallen toast.
Brooke moved throughout the site, checking for survivors.

This is where her medical training paid off.

All of the Nutella slices landed Nutella-side down, and the same was true for the honey toast. Two of the jam-covered slices landed jam-side up.

There were only 2 slices from the entire second loaf that landed right-side up. That is only a 5% survival rate for toast with butter AND another topping.

The old saying was true!




You might think that this has something to do with the butter side being heavier, but according to Newton, it doesn't.

I found out later that similar studies were done at Thiel University.
They have some of the most impressive looking scientific illustrations I've ever seen, so they must be legit. I'm definitely going to have to include more Betas and Thetas in future science experiments.

When we finished the experiment at 3am, all the local restaurants were closed, so we dug into the toast that had landed jam-side-up.

I hate having leftover jam in the fridge.

Always wear safety goggles while eating toast.
One of the benefits of scientific study is the advent of new products, and this time, I think we hit pay dirt.

We collected up the toast with the smallest amount of hair and lint & packaged it up.

At last! Buttered toast without the pre-dawn hassle!

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May 6th, 2002.
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