Herbalife Unsuccessful Stories - 2004/2005

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Oct. 17th.

I got suckered into this program back in year 2000. Spent all the necessary money to get the "info" on the so called "business". Once I found out what it was I thought I'd try it. Spent over $2000 to get to the "Supervisor level". Needless to say I was stuck with GIVING away these products just to get rid of them and ended up throwing away a bunch of it too because I was too afraid to use it or give it away after it had expired. I had way too much inventory to try to sell myself and it was stuff people were just really not interested in. After all most "herbs" you can get at a local drugstore or natural herb store. And, as you said there are tons of websites out there with these products and to get business to your website you'd have to spend a fortune to advertise or market it. 

I found you site while looking up "Global Online System" in the Google search engine because I saw an ad where someone is trying to help others get started in a home-based business..and in the text of their website I found the words Global Online System and I figured it was a cover for the "real" business. 

Thanks for warning others about this business. Definately one to stay away from!

take care,
Donna Gorenflo

Oct 18th

Hi Rob:

I wish I'd read your website before I invested in this crap. I seem to do things on impulse when I'm desperate for cash.

I'm on disability and it's hard to find a job at home. OK this is not a real home job as we both found out. 

I just want my 90-day money back guarantee (less shipping) but I do not know who to write to. I contacted the "mentor" but he has not responded. Then I looked online for the main company (where I found you). Do you have any information that can help me?

By the way, I'd crusade like you if I could walk and take down every sign here in Valencia (CA) too. I will tell everyone I know about your website and email them a copy too. 

Thank you,

A Orland



Oct 31st


So there goes Herbalife at work. I got a job interview two days ago offered by a company called Lobo International, whatever. The job I applied for is Marketing Executive, but the interviewer said it is about customer service ??? After a brief introduction of what kind of product the company is marketing, and myself the interviewer led me to a theatre room with an audience. Soon, a show began with a companyís management staff introduced about something of the companyís background, how success it has been all over the world, etc. A part of the seminar (show) was a parade of staffs (distributors) telling their success story and how much money they make at most per month. They didnít tell how little they ever make per month. It ended with a structure of the income scheme in brief. The whole thing appeared still a bit mysterious to me. So I asked the seminar host how the distributor gets their customer most likely. Her reply was it is through peer contact.

Throughout the whole interview, I have kept a skeptical mind about the business of the company. The picture is clear to me now. It is the kind of multi-level marketing business. I am not quite sure whether it is legal in Hong Kong, but it sure smells stink. So when I was asked to attend a mass training section a week later, I replied that I need some time to consider the matter. I have already decided not to have anything to do with the company, Herbalife. Having staff to invest (purchase) this and that in a marketing job is a sure sign that it is some kind of scam.

Oh, one more thing. They said the company is going to expand into Asia Pacific (Oh, no). That is probably a true statement if there is any gram of truth in what they have ever said.

Hong Kong



Nov. 1st

I have lost a lot of money with Herbalife. Now looking back on it I can see all the mistakes that I made.
First, the way that you make money with Herbalife is to get your distributors to consume as much product as possible by hyping them up with group phone calls and having the upline constantly giving them pep talks about filling the pipeline. It takes time for the pipeline to fill up and then your money will flow in. By that time you are broke.
Second, the other way they make money is to start up a sideline business. One lady sells names for mailings. Another sells the flyers for the mailings. There is a group that sells software so you can keep tract of your sales, which are almost nonexistent. Your mentor constantly talks you into signing up for phone service, credit card machines, and an array of other so called business related necessities. Of which they get a kick back.
As a Herbalife distributor you are treated as a sow hog with everyone looking for a nipple to latch onto. And after they have gotten all they possibly can from you, they lose interest in you real quick.
If you need anymore information for your story, write me. I would really love to prevent anyone else from being scammed by this outfit.

Frank Folkerts
Ava, Mo.


Nov. 9th

Hi Rob,

I loved your website! I only wish I had seen it 6 months ago. I, unfortunately, was scammed lately. I contacted a company called Global Online System, who referred me to a woman who works with them selling Herbalife. I was interested, of course like so many people, in working from home. I wish I would have done my investigating like you did about what I was buying from her but all she told me was that it would "all be laid out for me in the package" and if I didn't liked what I received, I could always return it with their money back guarantee. Well, I'm sure you probably have figured out, of course, I did not get my money back. I was told to send the package back to her, which I did, to the same address it came from and she claims she never received it. (Stupid on my part to have sent it without a signature return!) Anyway, keep doin' what your doin' and get the word out there. I, too, cannot stand the litter that is being created with the flyers!!! My best to you.

Pam in Michigan

nov 23


Thanks for your internet article on Herbalife. Unfortunately, it was
too late for me as I lost about $20K to them two years ago. I am still
paying off the debt. I got out because I could not bring myself to do
what they wanted me to do to make sales and recruit people. It just
didn't feel right. Too many half truths and blatant lies.

Thanks for trying to save others from this company.

Robin Shilkey
Jefferson, WI



nov 1 

Rob - I wish I'd read your information sooner. I spent the money for the 4,000VP AND have bought more for my son to try and other promoting tools. I had a feeling in my gut but thought it was my own "fear." The sad thing is I think my "mentor" really is a nice guy but he had the money to invest. I told him I one credit card in collections and I was on disability and have been ill for a while. He thought "this was
perfect" because I would be motivated. Just like some others I read I, too, have felt worse since taking the products - nausea, headaches and weight GAIN. After telling my mentor what was going on, if he had any "soul" would have recognized that I maybe wasn't a good candidate. Sure in the past I was a go-getter but I've been ill for 10 years and haven't worked in 5! Do you think I could really go out all of a sudden and be comfortable talking to anyone and have the energy to work on this 8+ hours a day? No. In fact, the stress of this has made me more depressed and it's only been a month. 

I have canceled all accounts and websites (3 of them: 1 for product, 2 for work at home). I had a Merchant Account, etc. Maybe I would have recouped some of the money after a while but after reading your stats I know it would have been a long while and I would still
be putting out more than I was taking in. 

What's really sad is my mentor was a Christian like me and also a recovered alcoholic like me - both of us sober quite a while. But as a Christian he should have been more sensitive to notice that I just wasn't well enough to do this. Even if he just started me as
a distributor that would have been better. I bot so stressed out after a few weeks that I cried for days.

It is clear to me that only those who have the money to invest and a go-getter personality will be successful. I was impressed by the "coaching" I received but after I knew the basics and showed an understanding I stopped getting daily phone calls from
my coach. 

I, too, was shocked about Mark Hughes. I know anyone can fall from grace but this is big. I was also pulled in by the medical personnel on their board and the CEO who used to work for Disney. I should have just done more research. 

Hopefully with the money I get back and recouping my loss during tax time I can get my dignity back but I have definitely lost a few thousand. 
Keep up the good work.

Sue, Fremont, CA


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