Herbalife Unsuccessful Stories - 2004/2005

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march 19, 2005

Hi Rob

Two years ago I fell for the Herbalife opportunity. This was a group, now as large as David Beven, called 60 Minute Money, run from South Florida, initiated a few years ago by Russell Gain, Palm Beach FL.

This is a further scam to conceal the fact it's Herbalife. In fact take a look at our website www.the-success-happening.com , the one out of three sites, the recruiting one.

I was conned all the way, and now both my wife and I are ill, and splitting up because of the pressure. It's fine until the investment money runs out, then you are left to rot. 

We were told 8 months in that we were the best distributors ever to enter his organisation. Now we're broke, ill and splitting up. Please look into this organisation and warn people they need $200,000 minimum to make it work.


Rob Phillips, Herbalife Global Expansion Team Member.

March 22, 2005

Hi Rob

I came across the 60 minute business from a work at home link and parted with £27 for the cd. I worked through all the testimonials and recognised the signs ( If it looks too good to be true, it always is). When after spending a couple of hours of listening to Russel Gain's amateurish presentation, I finally got the confirmation thrugh the link to "View our products" and Herbalife was a revealed. What? I've wasted my time & money to find that it's the same tired old crap. I had hoped it was something new and exiting. The first product | checked out was Glucosamine Sulphate, available anywhere at afraction of the price they charge. No wonder they say that 78% of the price is paid out in commissions. 

I did a bit with Kleeneze. I knew that their stuff was dramatically overpriced, but I also knew from a manufacturer of hosiery, that supplied both them and Betterware, that the sales were huge. Sme old story, though, you've got to buy loads of admin stuff from them. Everything costs you and eatsw into your "profit". When I returned stuff, they said it was too late and wopuldn't credit my account. I refused to settle my outstanding account with them & got a bad crdeit rating as a result. People will no doubt make money, but guess who gets the cream?


Yorkshire UK


March 31, 2005

Rob, I just read your article about Herbalife, and it's very good, It seems to me like you read, and read a lot to put everything together...

And I know what you're a talking about , because I was a Herbalifer before, actually when everything started in DownUnder,
...yes they give you all this fantasies, and dreams about making money, here and there, and nothing ever happened, in fact, my "mentor" in USA.

Told me if I keep on working as hard as I was I would make lot of money , and fact was that I lost a lot of money -- Why, because the market was so saturated with "work from home oppor..." that opportunity didn't give anything in return ...in fact, my and my wife  lost about $1000.00 Australian Dollars, that's about $760.00 USD. just to join! Or to be Supervisor, ha!

For what? I never got to sell anything, offline and online!
All my efforts were "unworthed" ha!. You know I was just looking on the  Net, just to see how Herbalife was doing, and after I read your article ...they're doing fine --- the distributors bad...

In Australia, they passed along a new law on enviroment care, and that law forbids the use of E-Poles for any kind of advertising, why? because they saw it coming...in fact, before they approved this law, the streets in Australia were a bit "saturated" with Herbalife ads, and promotion !!! No joke!

On the other hand, I tried the products myself and nothing ever happened, I  didn't lose a gram...nada! --Anyway, keep the good work ---I know what you talk about when you wrote what you wrote in that article ---I'm with you mate!

Anyway, drop me a line if you can!

Edwin Cartagena-Australia



May 10, 2005


I was one of Herbalife distributors for over two years. You are so right that hardly anyone makes money. I did not. In fact I lost over 100,000 in this business – always hoping that the business would improve.

One correction thought – the first order either for 2500 US dollars or 4000 US dollars is always at 42%. One has to order product for 2,500 dollars i.e. 2500 VP and for us Canadians it used to be around 2700 2800 dollars. The 4000 VPS used to be an order around 4300 dollars @ 42%. 

Though I am not doing the business any more, it really bothers and hurts me when I see more and more people are being sucked into believing that they can make money in this business.

Keep up the good work.

 Rob - did your life suffer, losing all that money?

You bet my life suffered! I used up all our son’s savings for university. I used up most of our retirement money!! What else can I say?

I would stay up at month end till midnight to see if I had enough volume for the month to collect 5% royalty. Then at the last minute, I would fax in my own order to meet the deadline.
When I resigned, I had about 20,000 dollars worth of inventory. I asked my up line to help me sell it as she had collected almost 17% royalty (I was signed up under her daughter, so the daughter and then the mother above her collected royalty on whatever volume I produced). My up line refused saying that they are qualifying for some CRUISE VACATION and cannot help me in any way. 

My advertising costs on the radio and TV used to be almost 1500 dollars a month.


Please do not publish my name anywhere. I would like to stay as far away from them as possible. By the way, I was a GET Team member, i.e. Global Expansion Team Member!!

May 11th, 2005

I got scammed by herbalife- lost 3,500 that I still have'nt recovered from.

I have since hit an even lower point in my life. I would like to put these wealthy recruiters out of business. I feel like I was taken advantage of with lies and am really angry over it.

Stormy Stansel

The End. Thank you.

-Rob Cockerham, Sacramento


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