Herbalife Unsuccessful Stories - 2004/2005

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Oct 20


I just finished reading your article, and I wish I would have found it sooner. I became an Herbalife distributor through a company called "Global Online Systems" a little over a month ago. I went to a search engine and  typed in "work from home" and found the Global Online Systems page. The website did not tell about the products in any way, shape, or form. They just stated something like, "What do you do when you run out of milk? Go to the store. That's what happens with our products, but they aren't sold in stores, so your customers will come back to you."

I submitted my e-mail address and requested a free video. They have replaced the 14 page booklet with a free video. This video still does not introduce the products, only gives testimonials and shows the fancy houses and cars. Of course, I never took the career part of this seriously. I'm a full time student and work full time, so I wanted something I could earn extra cash easily and quickly with.

The prices you mention in your article have gone up as well. The first package your purchase is the International Business Pack which is $48.95 and includes manuals, marketing tips (including the hot pockets and flyers idea), and a button to wear that says, "Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How". After that there is another investment to become an international distributor that costs 
$399.00. With this you get samples of the products, training videos, marketing videos, advertising videos, and a training cd rom. (I think it needs to be mentioned that the advertising video contains testimonials from the "highest paid" distributors). The others I did not open, so I don't know what they contain. You are now able to PURCHASE two websites (retailing and recruiting), there is also a reaccuring fee of $12.95/month/website for the websites. To use the websites you must also sign up to accept credit cards 
online which is expensive in itself and also carries a monthly fee. 

$$$$$$$$$$ To this point we've invested quite a bit of money. $$$$$$$$$$

Now that we've bought the materials it's time to get started, but wait, what's the product? Oh, it's another diet corporation and they want me to lose weight so I have a testimonial! I don't need diet pills...nobody will believe I lost 40 pounds, I'd be dead if I did! Now it's time to become a supervisor and buy those 3,000 volume points for $2,000.00 

On your website you mentioned shipping and handling for $1.25. Not anymore, try a minimum of $6.00 Even if you only buy a paper thin booklet, you have a $6.00 S&H fee. What's the point of keeping the products on hand? If you have them on hand why should your customer expect to pay S&H, it's not being shipped from anywhere. So you lose all of your S&H investment.

The prices in the catalogue are so highly priced (but you don't get to see that until you've already paid over $400.00) that nobody will want to even try the products. You can get them from avon for over 90% cheaper. I couldn't even sell  single product to my own mother. Usually mothers are the easiest target. That's when I knew I would never earn my money back. I cancled my websites right away (thank goodness I hadn't changed long distance plans or received credit cards yet). Now I'm in the procuss of shipping all of my products back for a full refund (you have 90 days to get your money back).

Just thought I would share with you. 



Jan 8th, 2005

Yes Rob...people should do their homework before getting involved with Global Online Systems aka Herbalife. I'm just getting out now. It took me about $7,000.00 to finally figure out that I have been a SAP SAP SAP! Suzanne 


Jan 25th, 2005

I really liked your article on "Herbal-life." I make sure I let as many people, especially my friends about the rip off scam of that so called home business. I myself got ripped off, after a week or two realizing (after the many calls trying to get me to fork over even more money besides the $36.00 decision package, then the $198.00 IBP) I wanted nothing to do with this and cancel my membership with the "90 day money back guarantee" option, only got half that money back, because of what they called a "re-stocking fee." Which that was not stated in the guarantee. Needless to say I got burned, and like I said, I'm glad your bringing this to light. Later..... 
Joel Sherey, <>< 


jan 29th, 2005

Just wanted to let you know that you are right about everything in your story. I got suckered into Herbalife & now I am trying to get my money back that I spent. They are charging more for their starter packets now. I hope you can make a difference in California. People need to know that Herbalife is just a scam to get your money.

I lost close to $5000.00. Ouch!

feb 24th, 2005

Hi Rob, my name is Gary and I live in the UK about three years ago I answered an add that had been stuck on the reverse of a road sign, it was one of the Own a computer, put it to work ones, well we answered it, spoke to a man named Paul Symmons who lived in Leicester who said they were having an opportunity meeting in our area that it would cost 75 and that lunch would be included (This turned out to be Herbalife shakes), I went to the meeting and was told that people like me were earning 500-1000 per week working in there spare time, they had some of these people at the meeting. I was convinced and decided to sign up, I paid 45 for my international business kit and I was ready to start. Unfortunately the kit didn't contain anything useful, my sponsor, Paul informed me that I would have to start advertising the opportunity and the product if I wanted to make money, I ordered 10,000 leaflets for 35, half were lose weight now, the other half own a computer, I put out 200 of each every day, I was told to pay for linage adds in local papers, at least 80 a week worth, I bought a web site and signed up to a voice mail account, I also put up Pole Posters, and got myself a second phone line, I even got my Supervisors order 2000. To be fair I did get phone calls, the local council say take down the pole posters or we'll prosecute you for litter (Arse!). I did also get people interested in buying the products, but when they found it was 100+ a month for the weight lose program there interest vanished, they wanted to lose pounds but not those kind. So a huge pile of pills and potions sat gathering dust on my bedroom floor, my wife was less than impressed. After 6 months and more than 4000 spent I called it a day, I'd had two customers in that time and one of them was my father. I am still in MLM, but now I'm actually making money with a British company called Kleeneze, to anyone thinking of replying to a work from home add remember to ask the person you speak to how much they're making and if they can prove it, if they wont give you a straight answer don't touch them with a bargepole.

Gary Norwood
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