How much toothpaste is there in a tube?

It seems like we use one up every week! On Wednesday night, we AIMed to find out.

 I dispensed a six ounce (170 g) tube of Ultra Brite toothpaste in a thin line along the kitchen floor in an effort to accurately quantify the amount of paste in the tube.

One hundred and thirteen inches, or 2.87 meters of paste per tube. There is a bit more than an inch of brushy area on toothbrushes, so a tube should provide 113 liberal brushes.

With the study completed, and the room smelling minty fresh, we all elected to brush our teeth. Wow! That Ultra Brite really puts some shine on!

Always remember to floss. Also, don't get toothpaste near your eyes. It stings. Probably the mint oil. Maybe it is the fluoride... Always use eye protection when brushing your teeth.


Click on the above photo to see the amazing large negativeland photo.

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