Jewelry Sale in the Uncanny Valley


Just when you thought that you couldn't afford sexy curbside sign spinners, someone invented a robotic one.


This gal is set up, doing some advertising for Sharif Jewelers on the east side of Howe Avenue in Sacramento.

Her yellow sign has a very eye-catching motion, bouncing up and down and waving back and forth.


Did you know you can hit "5" while a Youtube video is playing to skip to the 50% point? Except, not when it is embedded on a page like this.

She is a mannequin on a yellow box stand, with wheels, not unlike a hand truck.

She also has a handle on her back.

I assume the batteries are in this yellow box. A small cutout window showed the power remaining.

The machinery.

Her carabiner hands left a big impression on my kids.

I think that's a wiper motor for a car windshield at work, spinning one side and driving the other side back and forth over a pulley wheel.

It looks extremely durable.

Sorry about the terrible video.


The fact that its a mannequin actually works in its favor, as far as I can tell.

Her lifeless face really gets your attention, because it's just not quite right, but most people, including myself, don't expect it to be a fake.

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