Things I Figured Out: Reader Submissions.

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 Driving slower in traffic is actually less stressful and it seems like I get home in the same amount of time. 


There is no such thing as chocohol.


When drying yourself off with a towel after a shower, start at your head and work down. If you start at your feet and work up, the water from above will run down and get you wet again as you're drying yourself off. The same goes for drying a car.


Because of the rotation of the earth, and the plane that all the planets lie in, known as the ecliptic. The sun, moon and planets will all rise and set in nearly the same location each night. But that location shifts a little bit every day.


In most states, the gas tax doesn't completely go to transportation. Some of it may, but the rest goes to the general fund for things like jails, education, and welfare. If the gas tax (which is generated from people using cars) was 100% devoted to highways, airports, bike trails, rail, transit, and even some environmental protections, our society would have better transportation systems. I.E. faster commutes! 


My mother used to tell me that when my kitty would bite me she was just giving me "love bites." I am 30 now, and I finally realized about 4 months ago that this is not actually true. In fact, they are "stop bothering me you insufferable little hooligan" bites.


Unicorns are really more believable than dinosaurs, when you think about it for a while.


I discovered that pouring a glass slowly is more likely to result in dribbling than pouring quickly.


My mind was blown when I learned that a wet sponge will hold much more water than a dry sponge. This is because water molecules like to stick to each other. Or, more scientifically: "The water molecule forms an angle, with hydrogen atoms at the tips and oxygen at the vertex. Since oxygen has a higher electronegativity than hydrogen, the side of the molecule with the oxygen atom has a partial negative charge. A molecule with such a charge difference is called a dipole. The charge differences cause water molecules to be attracted to each other (the relatively positive areas being attracted to the relatively negative areas) and to other polar molecules. This attraction is known as hydrogen bonding, and explains many of the properties of water."

That's from the Wikipedia entry on water. Most people think of water as boring, but water is awesome!


Food keeps cooking after you remove it from heat! So if you're cooking a thick steak, and the internal temperature is 140 degrees, it can go as high as 145 degrees AFTER you take it off the grill. I would assume this is because the temperature of the parts touching the grill are hotter than the center, and the heat destributes itself evenly after removal.


The brain is much better able to deal with too much blood than too little. This is why too-little-blood strokes outnumber too-much-blood strokes 4:1.


I learned during my years that Fire sprinklers are not installed in building because people want to save lives, but because the building code says we have to.

milk is a bodily excretion, and drinking it may be the worst idea conceptually!


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