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Ice cubes are white because of little air bubbles trapped inside the water as it freezes.


Almost all Helium balloons are powered by NUCLEAR REACTIONS. Yep.. Helium is a by-product of nuclear electric generation. Why won't Bush let the Iranians make their own Helium Balloons?

it's better to put your pants on before your shoes. This is more true for long pants than for shorts but even with shorts, definitely shoes last.

two discoveries about china. 
ciao is actually Italian.... not Chinese (chow) as I thought for many years...
I was also traumatized to learn in the national geographic magazine that one cannot see the great wall of china from space!


Cut both sides of the milk bag, then it won't flop over when you're pouring! -Ferggs


Hey, Rob. I used to work for Raley's (in Las Vegas) and we were actually *trained* in meat. That doesn't sound too strange for someone working in the meat department, but I ran the customer service booth. We were trained in the different USDA labels and what marbling is.

Oh, and did you know that Raley's was the first grocery chain in Southern Nevada to offer USDA Choice meat? We didn't have USDA Select meat on our shelves like the other grocery chains.

We were also the only major grocery chain in Southern Nevada to offer paper bags with handles. Of course, Trader Joe's offered them, too, but we were the first major grocery chain to offer them. Customers loved them. They can hold two cases of soda cans and still not break. Now all the other grocery stores in Vegas are offering USDA Choice meat and paper bags with handles. You heard it here, folks, Raley's offered them first!

Raley's was a wonderful company to work for and it's a shame they pulled out of Southern Nevada. I really miss working for them. I've worked for two other grocery chains here in Vegas and they can't even compare when it comes to customer service and employee morale. As a former Raley's employee, I truly believe that if you treat the customer the way you like to be treated, they'll always come back.


The secret to cooking perfect hamburgers is to make a larger, thinner patty than what you would like to eventually have on your bun. As the meat cooks, it shrinks, so if you form a raw patty that is the size and thickness of your perfect cooked hamburger, what you will end up with is a charred ball of meat that is raw inside! Also, Worcestershire sauce.

When cooking, don't wait until pure cooking oil "boils" before adding ingredients. Also, don't try to cool a wok of smoking hot oil by pouring cold water into it.
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Chris Gaskett


There's two things I've learnt in life - you get what you pay for, and the importance of servicing things, whether that's your car or your body, everything needs a once over every now and again


If you want ice with your drink, put the ice in the cup before you pour the drink in. This prevents splashing when you drop ice cubes into a liquid.

Similarly, pour milk into cereal, not the other way around.

Always make more rice than you think you'll need for dinner cause everyone loves rice. And if they're some left over have it tomorrow with butter and soy sauce.

A dog knows the difference between being stumbled over and being kicked.


I discovered how absolutely fantastic the band Queen is. I really really really like them. A lot. And not just their hits. I mean like entire albums.
I regularly make etymological discoveries. Not complicated ones going back to Greek, Latin or pre-Indo-European. Simple ones. Like the verb «encouraging» has the root «courage». I must not be alone... Let's hope... 
If you're eating at a restaurant with unlimited free refills, buy the smallest drink possible. Then, refill as needed. (Thanks Trevor)


never tell a girl she's fat; always results in crying, or violence


Virginia is further west than West Virginia.


Wash your car in the shade, not the sun.


The term "overseas" is used to refer to foreign lands which are "over seas".



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