Things I Figured Out: Reader Submissions.

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Deer don't necessarily cross at "deer crossing" signs.


Everybody is a bad driver sometimes.


Homework is like painting the golden gate bridge, As soon as you finish, you have to restart.


Growing plants get their mass from the air. When I was little I always thought that they took up pounds and pounds of nutrients from the ground and converted soil into organic matter. In fact, the plants actually sequester carbon from the atmosphere and mix it with water to form plant sugars and protiens. If you want to learn more you can probably Google "carbon cycle"

 - Daniel


Emotionally, psychologically, and personally: Porn isn't free. It costs everyone (even those not directly involved) something.

When I was 11 or 12 years old, I figured out that TV stations only play commercials FOR THEIR OWN SHOWS. Until then, I thought it was an altruistic world where all stations just wanted you to watch the best available programming. Sadly, I found that this is not the case.
I've had several customer service jobs. I've recently come to realize that the customers aren't stupid. It may seem like a disproportionate chunk of the people you see every day are complete idiots, but the fact is that they've got more going on in their lives than, say, renting a movie. So if they don't know the late fee policy at your rental store, it's because they haven't spent the time to learn the policy, not because they are too stupid to understand it.


Everything you see in a museum is about one tenth or less of what they actually have. There are rooms just full of fun stuff that they don't put on display.

Also: the Buffalo Bills are named for Buffalo Bill Cody and the baby Bells come from the Bell telephone company, which was named after... Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone!

Both seems obvious in retrospect but hell if I didn't do the 2 + 2 on them for the longest time.


tell your waiter when the food is bad. They don't have a reason to not want to give you a good experience, and being passive aggressive doesn't make your meal any better.
The slogan is "Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee", not "Nobody does it like Sara Lee". I had to see it written on a truck to catch the nuance.


Don't water houseplants, until they start wilting. I'm sure that people who actually love gardening have ways of knowing when to water your houseplant, but for a botanically challenged guy I always used to overwater plants (variation on the them of overfeeding pets). Then I had this plant in my flat that a friend gave me, I basically forgot about it and would water it only when I looked at it and thought, "Oh, crap, it's dead!" As it would be all wilted. But afterwards, it picked right back up to its happy self. Repeat this cycle for a couple of years, and that darned thing stayed alive and grew and was green and everything.


While it may be advisable to mix a smidgen of a color's complement into that color to dull it down, doing so too much will turn your paintings into mud, which is not desirable. Pure color gets some taking used to using, but it's great!


Coffee protects against liver damage from drinking alcohol. Who knew one vice could cancel out another? I'm going to start a compare and contrast vice-o-matic study to see what cancels out what!


 My little discovery: When unable to print something you need off the internet (say a confimation of a bill payment or a reciept with bar code for a ticket purchase), just hit print screen, open microsoft paint, and paste. You'll have it later when you can print.

I learned that "Douglas" used to be a girl's name, and "Laurie" used to be a boy's name!


I found this out staring at the tiles in the bathroom one day. When my eyes went out of focus, the tiles seemed to 'float' in the air. I found by forcing myself to cross my eyes just enough to line up the lines with the double image you get by crossing your eyes I could fake myself into seeing the lines as one line once they were perfectly aligned.
What this leads up to is after I saw that I then realized how those 3d posters with the repeating shapes that your supposed to stare at until they become 3d work.


Those cute little vases with the beta fish and plants in top? Those are evil. They are not--and I mean NOT--suitable places to keep a fish! (Nor are those teeny tiny little "beta bowls"--do YOU want to be kept in solitary confinement your entire life?!) And please, for goodness sake, do a lot of partial water changes for the poor creatures.


Windows Key + Pause/Break Key brings up System Properties


Schools are paid by the kid differently in Ohio. The rate is based on average attendence per day for the FIRST TEN DAYS of the school year. So here, especially in the largest cities, Superintendents work very hard to get all kids there for those days. The actually go door-to-door, and they offer incentives like "fun days" during the count, free food and candy, awards, etc. On day 11 it stops, and if the kid disappears it's not so bad, especially if he's a "problem student".


You can microwave a container of juice concentrate with the metal endcaps still on, and there are no sparks! I don't know why.


I thought it was so cool that my son was starting to crawl until he actually started to crawl everywhere.


"I wash my hands in the sink." It's called a sink because it's sunken below the surface of the counter.


When I started drinking tea, I asked someone how much loose tea to put in the teabag.
She said, "about a teaspoon full."
My head promptly exploded ... that's why they call it a teaspoon!
But I was wrong. It's actually because you use it to stir the tea.


It is easier to peel bananas from the opposite side that most people peel them from, i.e. peel them from the end that isn't attached to the bunch.


One day I was loading up a BB gun with a friend and I said, "I don't know why they call these things BBs, they're just ball bearings..."


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