Things I Figured Out: Reader Submissions.

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The original story on things I figured out was a hit! It got some great comments and fantastic reader submissions, which I have embraced, re-formatted and now present to you as original material, with big old clickable ads on the bottom of each page, treacherously close to the hyperlinks to the other SIX PAGES of reader-submitted things they figured out.

These are awesome! Thanks to the people who admitted some really funny discoveries! Oh, and if you like these, you will probably enjoy "tricks of the trade" by Matthew, of Defective Yeti fame. This article's comments unexpectedly tread close to his  territory, so... yeah.

Also, I culled out some discoveries that I disagreed with. I'm like a professional editor, except I didn't pay these writers.

Without further apologies! The things readers figured out!

I discovered that bok choi, choi sum, chinese cabbage, pak choi and many other asian vegies, are just the same damn vegetable!

Also, that while learning french off multilingul food packaging is fun, no french dude is impressed that you can recite the 40 flavours of jelly bellies and knowing that vin rouge is red wine and vin blanc is white, is only helpful in 90% of situations. 

On a similiar vein. Portobello, Button, Field, BBQ and cup mushrooms are all the same damn mushroom. Just different ages!
Don't even get me started on green onions!

Anon isn't some dude who said a lot of wise things - it stands for Anonymous

the one that made me feel silly is realizing dicing onions is a heck of alot easier if you leave the root end attached until the last cut.

Reading a book is like having a conversation with the author. So, in a sense, I've already lived my dream of meeting Stephen King.

As silly as it may sounds, dishwashing liquid should never go into a dishwasher. Dishwasher liquid is perferable and will not leave soap suds all over the kitchen.

Oh, and as a completely unrelated note, gas stations only get a fraction of the sales from gas and lottery tickets. They as well get most of their money from soda and snacks within the store.

Its kind of related, but my most memorable one involved the song "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" I was in my mid 20's when i relised she wasnt actually kissing santa, she was kissing her husband, the kids father.

Rob Cassady

MS Power Point>>Tools>>Options>>Select the Save tab and DEselect allow fast saves.

This is the default setting with power point. If you open a presentation and just keep saving it you end up with a HUGE file. PPT just tracks the state change and ammends the file. I started with a 1MB file once and ended up with a 4MB just by repeatedly saving. Turn this "feature off" to save 25% file size immediately.

Hair conditioner works as a decent substitute for shaving cream if you run out.

Don't take out or put in your contact lenses immediately after cutting hot peppers. Ideally, wear gloves when cutting the peppers.
Your "over-beaten dough" discovery will also apply to potatoes. NEVER over mash taters, they'll turn to glue!

I figured out that air mattresses are actually more comfortable if you don't blow them up all the way, leave some room for cushion. Unless, it leaks like 97% of air mattresses out there. In which case, blow it up as much as you can so hopefully by the morning, you're not sleeping on the floor.

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June 14th, 2006 

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