How to Make Perfect Ice Balls

Ideal for cooling gigantic drinks, or testing pain tolerance.

I'm a big fan of making ice.

I've made a solid ice six pack holder, and I spent almost a month trying to make clear ice.

In my ice-making adventures, I stumbled across these Ikea bowls which have a nearly spherical shape. They are great for making ice balls!

Start with two bowls, fill them with water and freeze two half-spheres of ice.

I've had great success in getting the ice out of the bowls. My technique is to immerse the ice bowl into a larger bowl of warm water. In about one minute, the ice will melt free of the bowl and you'll be able to slip the half-ball out of the ceramic.

The second freeze should be an attempt to cement the two halves together.

Slip both halves into one bowl and fill the void between them with cold water.

In a few hours you'll have an ice Pac Man shape. Thaw him out of his bowl and flip him around so he is resting gap-side-down in the same bowl. Fill the gap with cold water and freeze again.

Voila! The ball should be finished!

Any imperfections can be sawn off with a serrated kitchen knife.

Although not terribly useful, the ice balls are unmistakably attractive. Try them at parties, crowding the beers in a styrofoam chest or cooling bowls of punch.

Myself, I found them so irresistable I wanted to hold them, and challenged others to hold them: The Ice Ball Challenge.