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Contest Entries!

Joe D. entered the Open Soon contest with this announcement:

This sign in Minneapolis, MN announces the opening of the Sharp Stick in the Eye Rehab Clinic.

Drew D. posted signs in Hoboken, NJ.

His signs announce the opening of Ponzi.


Ben S. struck in Denver:


September 28th / Grand Re-Opening! / of the adams county branch of the / John Belushi / museum and gift shop.


Opening in November / Justin Beiber Historical Society/ for more information, go to: /

This magnificent building was constructed just before the rescession hit. They've never been able to rent it out. It's always made me sad.


Ben wrote, "The main problem with placing these signs was the presence of 'for rent' or real estate company signs already on the buildings. It was tricky to find empty buildings without these signs. However, this location was too perfect to pass up; so I just plastered the notices over one of the real-estate signs. It's ok, I'm sure they just forgot to take them down after sampling the "inventory" from their new business."

Coming Soon! / "California-style" / alternative pharmacy / for more information: /  


Belinda L. wrote with these entries from the fur district of NYC, on West 29th street.

Its Furmin Furs!

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August 25, 2010  

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