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My name is Levi, and I live in Fulton, MO. Wednesday night, I went out with my sister, Valen, to a local strip mall. The strip mall has sat vacant ever since it was built a year-and-a-half ago. The only business that has moved in has been the Department of Motor Vehicles, which still resides at this location. I posted a sign on each opening in the mall, each with a different business. Imagine the local DMV workers' faces when they arrive at work the next day and see they are getting a ton of new neighbors!


My 'businesses' included "Benchwarmers Sporting Goods", "Road Rage Driving School", "Miles of Smiles Day Care Center", and "Poppa's Porno Emporium". The last two were placed next-door to each other for added controversy.


As if a mostly-vacant strip mall wasn't enough, afterwards we visited what used to be our A&W Restaurant, now the future home of "Sammy's Fried Chicken and Waffles". Brought to you by Mr. Sammy Davis Jr., himself.


Hope you enjoyed my pranks.

Levi Williams

Here are my two entries for the Open Soon Prank Contest. I posted these two in Williamsburg, an ******** neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY.

In the last photo, I actually caught someone reading my sign about Photoshop Fitness. Awesome!

This was very fun!

Kim G.
Brooklyn, NY


This was a difficult decision to make. Every sign was excellent, and I really appreciate the effort everyone made to contribute.

Honorable Mentions
Kim & Bob's Egg-straordinary restaurant idea wins an honorable mention for the best delayed reaction joke. Scott V's baby boutique wins an honorable mention for most scandalous placement. Belinda L. gets a mention for best writing at Furmin Furs. Rebel N's Matrimonial Masters gets an honorable mention for realism, and Levi gets a mention for hitting every storefront in an entire strip mall.

However, it is Kim G. who wins for her Photoshop Fitness sign, because that was superbly funny. Kim wins a t-shirt.

Keep an eye on the mail Kim. It should be coming soon.

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August 25, 2010  

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