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Hi Rob,

I work near the Lancaster Brewing Company and thought what better place
for an alcohol rehab facility than the empty building diagonally across
the street from it?


Coming soon: the Lead Us Not Into Temptation Alcohol Rehab Facility.

The Open Soon contest was a great idea.

Attached are three pics. Have your way with them.


The sign reads:

Name Brand Discount Apparel

The vacant stores in downtown Greensboro, NC have already been covered over by an ad agency to give downtown Greensboro a more vibrant feel and entice potential entrepreneurs.

Long-Time Fan,
Joe Rogers


We thought our town needed a new restaurant - so in downtown Wrightwood - a little mountain town of around 3500 people, as advertised on license plate frames "High in the San Gabriel Mountains" of California - Sam n Ellas Egg-Strordinary Restaurant is COMING SOON! Come one, come all - we promise to serve only the freshest Iowa grown eggs.

Thanks for letting us play along!

Kim and Rob

Mission accomplished.   Dubuque's "Baby Boutique" is "expecting" to open its doors soon.   They're sure to have plenty of Vlasic pickles to fuel the Planed Parenthood protesters next door!

Scott V.



These were posted on an empty storefront in Irvine, CA. This consumerist nightmare of a city is so accustomed to the commodification of people that even the security guards at this mall found these signs plausible enough to not interfere with their posting.

Rebel N.

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August 25, 2010  

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