Omaha is not in California

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There was a lot to learn at the Children's museum, even for me. For example, at the haunted house, I learned that if you make a face-cutout scene for children, cut small face holes.


Upstairs, the museum was host to an authentic Sesame Street exhibit. 

There was a prohibition against taking flash photography, as these were genuine puppets from the show.



After the tour of the Children's Museum, Stacy visited some other relatives in Omaha, and I had some time to PT cruise around the east side of town on my own, looking for scenes worthy of photographing.


First, I found Hardee's, which looks exactly like Carl's Jr. in California.

One difference was apparent. The Carl's Jr. "Six-Dollar burger" was named the "Thickburger" at Hardee's.

  The Satellite Motel.

Movie Theatre


The Skinner Macaroni Factory.


Hobby Lobby store hours. "Closed Sundays to Allow Employees Time for Family & Worship". 

I think this is a great policy. Maybe someone could share this plan with those horrible Satanists at Michael's.


A Wal Mart store had been closed on 84th street. This was a by-product of the overwhelming retail success of e-commerce.

Just kidding. They just moved the store to a better location.


Omaha police in a low-speed chase.

The red Lansky's sign reads, "Oktoberfest Bratwurst Specials, 731-1919"

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December 29th, 2006.

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