Omaha is not in California

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Time was short to squeeze in Omaha adventures, so I pleaded with Richard to take me out to the Paypal HQ for a couple of pictures.

At first, we drove to a couple of buildings that were not actually the Paypal building, but built to look just like it. This is becoming known as "Phishing Architecture".

Eventually, however, we found the real deal. The actual genuine Paypal building!


Have you ever wondered how big a dork I am?

This big.





We also drove by the Oriental Trading Company's 600,000 square foot storage facility. 

In a flash, it was Tuesday morning, and we were leaving the Johnson hospitality and making our way back to the airport.

June was quickly becoming a seasoned traveler, and was ready for the metal detectors. Yes, babies DO have to remove their shoes when they go through security.


Boarding the 737 "Skysausage".


Sleeping our way back west.


We had a short stopover in Vegas.

Las Vegas airport is surprisingly stale.


I expected something a little more impressive from the future entertainment capitol of the US, but it wasn't here. There were some slot machines and video poker, and a Sbarro if you really felt like gambling before your flight.


June was exhausted, and disinterested in another two hours strapped into a chair.

During the second leg of the flight, we worked non-stop to keep our infant daughter busy, feeding her snacks and cycling activities through her hands. This was the best tactic for keeping her from noticing that she wasn't running around the plane, getting into everything. 

The flight attendants used the same tactic on us.


Finally, we arrived and picked up our luggage and our car.

At the luggage carousel, I noticed that people crowd right up to the belt, waiting for their bag to appear from the luggage hole.


Maybe I'm just a control freak, but I think it would be better if everyone backed off a little while they waited. An open zone along the moving belt would allow everyone a better view, and a little elbow room for wrestling their luggage off of the conveyor. 

If the Black Eyed Peas happen to be performing on the carousel, then go ahead and crush right up to the belt, as close as you can get.


Just when we thought we were home free, I realized I hadn't really taken note of where we had parked the car.

We had arrived at this airport in the pre-dawn six days ago, and I had absolutely no idea where the car was. A complete lack of landmarks made it seem impossible.


Check out this parking lot. A maze of little passages, all alike.

My car is the silver one.





45 minutes.

The thrill of finding the car actually helped buffer the shock of my $52 parking fee.


So, we had a great time in Omaha, Nebraska! Omaha is full of worthy sites for sight seeing, genuine hospitality and American history. If you are ever heading through the middle of America, spend some time in Omaha.  If you visit the zoo, I'd love to see the pictures.

And if you ever park your car at the Sacramento Airport, make a note of where you left your car.

Thank you, Richard and Holly for hosting our trip!


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December 30th, 2006.

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