Omaha is not in California

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The Amazing Pizza Machine was downright vast. 65,000 square feet. Pictured is one of the five dining rooms.

The host of the Amazing Pizza Machine is an illustration of an animatronic dog named Cogswell. Please note that there is no actual animatronic dog, only an illustration of an animatronic dog. 


The buffet had a few Italian dishes, soups and a bunch of ordinary pizzas.


And a few odd novelty pizzas.


It was pretty good food. Our children particularly enjoyed the macaroni and cheese.


The buffet room. This is as close as we got to the actual Amazing Pizza Machine.


After eating, we made our way into the arcade/carnival area, which was full of typical games and a few rides, including bumper cars, mini indy racers, bowling, and a bobsled ride.

My favorite was this colossal grappling hook game. I've never seen anyone win at one of these games.


Making sure June didn't fall off of the mini-carousel ride. 

The games and rides at the Amazing Pizza machine did not take quarters, and they did not take tokens. They used cards with a magnetic stripe (a BIG FUN card) to keep track of your "PlayPoints".

Maybe next year they will accept World of Warcraft gold.


Stacy and Emily on the bobsled ride.

Although Emily was the only one of our group who was really within the Amazing Pizza Machine target demographic, we all had a pretty good time.

I think this place would be quite a nice oasis for snowbound kids during the Omaha winter.


The next day was Saturday, and we had plans: Mexican food and the Strategic Air Command museum.

In the morning, we drove downtown and ate at Richard's favorite Mexican restaurant, Michaels.


The weather was very cold to my tender, Californian skin, hovering around freezing.

The atmosphere was bleak. It seemed that everyone in town was crowded inside at home, or had made the drive to Lincoln to attend the Nebraska/Texas football game.


The facade of Michael's Mexican restaurant. We really had the place almost to ourselves. The bartender and waitress stood around watching the game on two televisions.


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December 29th, 2006.

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