Omaha is not in California

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There are really two ways to explore a city:

  1. With a guide
  2. Without a guide

This afternoon, I had no guide, which resulted in a voyage through many unremarkable areas. This was a shot of Mueller Hall on South 36th Street.



Here is an old sign for "Auto Tellers" at a bank. Cars could enter this tunnel, so I'm not sure if "Auto" is short for Automobile or Automatic in this instance.


Mr. Butts Liquor and Cigarettes store, in the old Jane Ludlow Upholstery building.


The menu from the El Tri Azteca Mexican food truck outside of Billy Goats Bar.


A retaining wall made of tires, near J & Js small engine repair.


An "Old town" section of S. 24th Street.


 A bunch of signs on Cornhusker Rd.

You'll no doubt enjoy hearing that Tim Gay beat out Ian Hartfield in November, with 77% voting for the "I'm not homophobic! You are the one who is homophobic!" ticket. 

Notice the wide strip of grass on the side of the road. These are not a feature of roads in California.


On Friday night, both families got together and visited something called The Amazing Pizza Machine.

It was described as a "Mega Chuck E. Cheese" restaurant/arcade. I was interested to see how it stacked up to the original Chuckie Cheese, and also the other Mega Chuck E. Cheeses, John's Incredible Pizza Company and Las Vegas.


Inside, we were immediately aware that this place was huge. It was a large warehouse, with a huge buffet room and five main dining areas.

Everyone who entered was required to pay for the all-you-can-eat pizza and pasta buffet.

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December 26th, 2006.

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