Omaha is not in California

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Hangar Two contained a B-1 bomber, and H-19BWhirlwind (foreground) and CH-21B Workhorse (background) helicopters.


June riding a leaflet bomb. 

I'm not really an airplane guy, so I've only had a limited amount of exposure to these warplanes. It was great to be able to walk among them, and to visit the other interspersed displays.

I particularly enjoyed the "Doolittle Raid" exhibit.

War is the worst thing, but I wish I could have been around to see the frantic innovation and construction of the early 1940s. I think maybe my mind would have thrived in that environment.

Below is a list of the aircraft housed at the SAC museum. I've included one phony name, can you spot it?

A-26B "Invader"
B-1A "Lancer"
B-17G "Flying Fortress"
B-25N "Mitchell"
B-29TB "Superfortress"
B-36J "Peacemaker"
B-47E "Stratojet"
B-52B "Stratofortress"
B-57E "Intruder"
B-58A "Hustler"
C-47A "Skytrain"
C-54D "Skymaster"
C-119G "Flying Boxcar"
CH-21B "Work Horse"
EC-135 "Looking Glass"
F-84F "Thunderstreak"

F-85 "Radio Flyer"
F-86H "Sabre"
F-101B "Voodoo"
F-102A "Delta Dagger"
FB-111A "Aardvark"
H-19B "Whirlwind"
HU-16B "Albatross"
KC-97G "Stratofreighter"
MiG-21F "Fishbed-C"
SR-71A "Blackbird"
RB-45C "Tornado"
T-29A "Flying Classroom"
T-33A "T-Bird"
T-39A "Sabreliner"
U-2C "Dragon Lady"
XF-85 "Goblin"
Avro Hawker "Vulcan"

pictured: Stacy and Emily in the shadow of the SR-71 Blackbird.


In the restroom, I was again reminded that I was not in California.

This poster was printed in only one language: English.


On Sunday morning, we were back at Super Target, taking secret photographs.

I tried to capture the total number of cash registers in this photo. I think there were 26.


Also, I noticed that Emily had a Barbie doll with fiber optic wings. 

Regular readers may remember that my three fiber optic experiments were designed with the goal of making a giant pair of awesome fiber optic wings.



Yeah, it was a neat effect, but it definitely cooled my fiber optic costume plans.

Who wants to copy a Barbie doll?


More differences:

In Omaha, Stacy and I couldn't help but notice that home prices were considerably lower than in California.

Four bedroom homes sold for $190,000, contributing to our belief that Omaha homes were valued at about 38% of their California counterparts.


On Sunday afternoon, Stacy and I took a drive looking for an interesting place to eat dinner. We settled for Chili's, where we heard that Nebraska had unfortunately lost the football game.


I noticed that some of the intersections were spanned by ultra-long diagonally-running traffic light catwalks. The sheer length of this beam amazed me, never mind the phalanx of cameras poking up above the lights.


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December 29th, 2006.

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