The Ikea Living Prank

A curious feature of Ikea stores are their "living in x square feet" displays.

Ikea is just as much a storage company as a furniture company, and they pride themelves on their ability to create a livable space inside a tiny area.

Peppered through Ikea, they set up bedrooms and living rooms in tiny nooks, and proudly display the measured constraints of each room experiment.

Then David Blaine actually lives in the room for two to four months, sustaining himself on decorative herbs and wicker.



I'll admit, living in 592 square feet sounds amazing, but what is the tiniest place a person could live?

Aiming to find out, I printed and laminated some signs of my own, and headed down to Ikea in West Sacramento.




Even before we went inside, we spotted the first tiny living space. It was an "Ecolab Station" outside near the fire exit stairs.



This rodent gas chamber is undoubtedly very well-furnished inside.

Next, after an authentic Swedish dinner, we found this artful display of a typical student's apartment in Westwood.





It wasn't until we hit the decor section downstairs that I found the perfect place for my third sign: A set of nesting dolls, packed tight but comfortably on this wire shelf.

This was the ultimate space saver: living within the body of another! Bravo Ikea!

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