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90x70 91x70 92x70 93x70 94x70 95x70 96x70 97x70 98x70 99x70
90x71 91x71 92x71 93x71 94x71 95x71 96x71 97x71 98x71 99x71
90x72 91x72 92x72 93x72 94x72 95x72 96x72 97x72 98x72 99x72
90x73 91x73 92x73 93x73 94x73 95x73 96x73 97x73 98x73 99x73
90x74 91x74 92x74 93x74 94x74 95x74 96x74 97x74 98x74 99x74
90x75 91x75 92x75 93x75 94x75 95x75 96x75 97x75 98x75 99x75
90x76 91x76 92x76 93x76 94x76 95x76 96x76 97x76 98x76 99x76
90x77 91x77 92x77 93x77 94x77 95x77 96x77 97x77 98x77 99x77
90x78 91x78 92x78 93x78 94x78 95x78 96x78 97x78 98x78 99x78
90x79 91x79 92x79 93x79 94x79 95x79 96x79 97x79 98x79 99x79

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