The Light Sharpener

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The next item to be dangled into the pit of destruction was a plastic cup of Mott's Applesauce.

I thought I'd have to boil all of the water away before the plastic would melt, and I was almost right. The sauce boiled quickly, and continuously spat up globs of apple juice and apple steam.

After a few minutes, the dwindling water supply could no longer save the plastic. The steel support wires heated the rim and sliced through it, leaving only the charred aluminum lid.

I had a strong feeling that a meat thermometer with a maximum temperature of 400 degrees was not going to be able to measure the light sharpener, but I tried it anyway, and caught some useless video.

Unfortunately, the rising needle isn't visible in the video, because it is rising as if I just stuck it into molten lava, complete with the appropriate amount of smoke.

Here is a transcript: 150...200...250...300...350...400.. and now it is circling back toward 100 again.


This photo shows the temperature falling back to 365 F when it was removed from the heat at the focal point.

Next, I melted another block of ice. This time I colored it purple with grape Kool-aid.

Ice is nice because...
A. it doesn't catch fire.
B. it doesn't make a bunch of smoke
C. It is cheap
D. It melts really fast.




The ice glowed after a moment and water began dripping off of the block. Within a minute or so, there were four streams of water falling from the ice, and the yellow cords were beginning to melt away. I didn't get a continuous video of the melt, but I did catch the predictable aftermath.

And, finally, something really good. A copy of Armageddon on VHS tape. I strapped it down with plenty of wire.

Black, thin and plastic is the mortal enemy of the light sharpener, which is why Michael Jackson Lil' Kim never comes around here.


I planned to melt the tape beyond recognition, but a giant billowing cloud of white smoke changed my mind.



Small curls of toxic smoke chased plastic embers as they fell. It turns out solar power isn't always good for the enviroment.

Please continue reading page 19 of the light sharpener.

Intro Build Foil Mirror Burn Epilogue FAQ
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