The Light Sharpener

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A trip to the Dollar Store resulted in a bunch of great targets for the light sharpener, for example, this box of 64 crayons.

This was one of those bargain prices which was so good it was a bit disconcerting. Could these really be as good as Crayola brand crayons?

I could have set up a carefully controlled experiment, exposing each color crayon to the same amount of time in the focal point, and made careful note of which colors absorbed the most heat, and which colors reflected it instead.

Please watch the video above. In less than a minute, the crayons melt from below and begin streaming wax through small holes in the plastic box. Before long, the bottom ruptured and crayons began falling like tiny colored ordnance.


Just as I suspected. These "bargain" crayons melted all over the place. Be on the lookout for these cheap knockoffs.

Next, we tried toasting a coconut.

Many of you will remember a similar experiment from episode 77 of Gilligan's Island.



Immediately after we got it into the focus, Jason remarked, "Do you think it could explode?"

We all knew he had nailed it. The pressure inside was no doubt building fast, but the tough wooden exterior wasn't cracking open. It was just a matter of time until it burst open, raining coconut shell fragments into all of our cheeks.

The air was filled with a lovely scent.. and danger!

After about a minute, we wised up and aborted the mission.


Next, we fried a motherboard. This motherboard was covered by the Cooler Master heat-sink/fan combo, with a rock solid "never overheats" service warrantee, so we were really risking nothing.

Within seconds, the board started smoking and I got a blue screen. Next, the board started to really smoke a lot, then it REALLY started smoking.

I had hoped to see components falling off as the solder melted, but much worse things were happening. The flux was burning, and capacitors were cracking open.

Also, I got a virus.

We pulled it out of the focal point before someone called the fire department.

You are good Cooler Master... damn good.

Please continue reading page 23 of the light sharpener.

Intro Build Foil Mirror Burn Epilogue FAQ
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23 FAQ

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