How Much is Inside a Can of Cheese Whiz?

How much Whiz is there in a can of Cheese Whiz?

I say Whiz, because that orange stuff sure as hell isn't cheese. On Thursday morning, we found out. 

I set up a saltine to cheesify for the big party we are having in a month or two. I like to get some things ready in advance.

I used Nabisco EZ Cheese because it tastes better than Cheese Whiz. 

Unfortunately, the propellant in the can doesn't really aerate the cheese, it just kind of expels it... as I did.

There was only a tiny pile of cheese food when we were done. The eight ounce can of EZ Cheese yielded about a cup of goo, which by the way, is eight fluid ounces. One can contains enough decorative orange swirl for about 9 crackers.

It was almost lunch time, so I enjoyed a light hors d'oerve before transferring these photos to the computer. I couldn't help but sneak one before the party!

Warning: Always where safety goggles when operating aerosol food. Never dispense near fire or flame.

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Updated September 6, 2010.
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