Easy, Illustrated Instructions on How to Repair the Lens Mechanism of a Canon Powershot SD750

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The LCD screen should tilt up and free. I believe that there is a thin light source plate stuck to the back of it.
There are two ribbon cables connecting the LCD screen to the camera, a wide one, with about 25 teeny staggered gold blade connections, and a narrow one, with five gold blade connections.

I've heard that the wide one is for the video signal, and the narrow one is for the LCD light source.

With the screen tilted out of the way, remove the wrist strap plate and wriggle the silver camera front loose. Discard. No! Wait. Keep that.

With the camera front plate removed, you should be able to unplug the screen.




Note that the wide ribbon folds over itself to lay flat.



I have attempted to photograph it, but that wide ribbon is difficult to portray in two dimensions.

Remove the screen and set aside.

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February 6 th, 2009 

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