Easy, Illustrated Instructions on How to Repair the Lens Mechanism of a Canon Powershot SD750

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Be sure that your fingertips are perfectly clean, and that you haven't spent the evening spray painting stuffed animals before trying this re-assembly.


Using push-pins to maneuver the ribbon cable into place. First the one below the lens, then the one to the left side of the lens.





Next, carefully place and screw on the black plastic top piece. Make sure the slide switches still operate properly under their covers.

The LCD screen gets put back next, with its two ribbon cables being particularly tricky to maneuver into their micro-sockets. Remember, the wider cable folds onto itself and curls under the camera to plug in below the lens front.

The LCD screen hooks into two frame hinges and folds down, held in place with one peg and one screw.


This rubbery white cover fell off during disassembly. I was happy to find its home in a previous photo: It fits onto this micro-microphone square.

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February 6 th, 2009 

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