Easy, Illustrated Instructions on How to Repair the Lens Mechanism of a Canon Powershot SD750

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Once the LCD was attached, the rest of the camera body clamped on logically. Reattach the front shell, and position the wrist strap bracket so that it will sandwiched in with the back shell. Gently wriggle and squeeze the camera shell shut. The final screws can wait until you've got everything clicked into place.

Once the outermost screws are tight, give it a gentle shake to see if anything is still loose. If not, drop in the battery and memory card and fire it up!

For me, it didn't work. Well, it sort of worked, but a problem was literally glaring. The LCD was shining bright white, full on, no image. Crap.

Undeterred I tried taking a few photos and the camera responded, flashing and beeping. It seemed like I was taking pictures. Zooming in rewarded me with a new grindy sound. That is not good.

It did seem to zoom in and out though.


After a few shots, I pulled the memory card and stuck it into my computer. Pictures! Awesome.




No, wait, these pictures are all blurry! Damn. The lens was almost as bad as the first one.


I adjusted my vision, turning this cap counterclockwise.


With the new lens installed, I was saddened to see more evidence of a rough life. These marks matched the chromed ring just below it. This lens was going back.

Let's try this again. Its gotta be easier the second time, right?

To be continued.

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February 6 th, 2009 

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