Easy, Illustrated Instructions on How to Repair the Lens Mechanism of a Canon Powershot SD750

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Next, beneath where the screen had been, remove four screws holding the lens mechanism to the camera body.

These screws are really tight and really small. I was unable to remove them with any of my small screwdrivers.

I tried for a long time, trying each of four small screwdrivers. I used an inappropriate amount of force, trying to jam my big screwdriver into the teeny screwheads. Two screws came out eventually, but the other two refused. I kept at it until I had nearly broken off the screw heads, stripping out the cross in the philips head. I was stuck.



Undeterred, I drilled them.


Using a small drill, I was able to grind the heads off the screws completely and get the lens mechanism free. The shaft of these screws were left behind, but I wasn't going to use that haunted lens mechanism for anything anyway.



Once the lens mechanism was loose, I disconnected its ribbon cables. These included a 29-connection gold blade to the left of the word "ZOOM" on the lens and a 32 staggered blade connection below the lens. Handle these with the little round holes on either side. I used dull push pins to guide them.


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February 6 th, 2009 

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