Foo Fighters

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After the street-side drum event. Jane and I got to meet Stewart Copeland, drummer for the Police.



Some oversized backstage decor at MTV.


The next series of events took place on the 7th floor open patio. It was a little barbeque. It was a beautiful June day in New York City.

Jane and I were prepped for "how much is inside Dave Grohl", but first, I got to help with the barbeque rib-eating contest.

Dave introduced me, and I introduced the history of "How much is Inside" to the MTV2 viewing audience, preparing them for what was coming next.

Our goal was to measure the surface area of the lead singer Dave Grohl, and our method was crude, but effective.

We were going to wrap him in a tight skin of aluminum foil, then cut and peel it back to create a flat representation of Dave's skin. Then we would just have to measure the aluminum foil to find Dave's surface area.



Photo by Tim Campbell


Without hesitation, we got to work, wrapping him with foil, fastening it with tape.

Dave was a good sport, giving timely updates about his escalating body temperature and eminent heart-attack. I reassured him that his fashionable new shielding carried an SPF of 4500.


After a commercial break and some robo-antics, we laid him out and cut him out of his iron skin.


Jane helped him up.


We had a mess of aluminum, ready to be measured. 

Jane and I set about our work.


The rest of the rooftop crowd prepared for the hot dog eating contest.

Jane and I had been looking forward to using the hot dogs ourselves, for testing "how much is inside mustard", but unfortunately, our critical little props were about to be consumed in double-time by a different event. 


Always assess the prizes in an eating contest before you enter.


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June 25th, 2005.

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