Foo Fighters

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Nothing was happening on early Sunday morning, but the crew was there, and things were slowly starting to start.

Jane and I had some coffee and heard about the band getting tattoos the night before.


Posing with Dave Grohl sunday morning.

I believe the first segment for the day involved Dave answering some Foo Fighter questions from fans over the phone.

However, the first four calls all went pretty poorly, mostly because they were calling people back at a very early hour on Sunday morning.


The next segment was more "How much is Inside?" action.

This time, we were measuring the surface area of a Foo Fighters concert T-shirt, and comparing that price to the price of a bikini. 

We cut apart the $20 Concert T-shirt and measured the parts, then measured the four fabric triangles that make up a $30 bikini top and bottom.

I didn't realize what I was getting myself into when I told the director that I'd be able to convert our measurements into answers in four minutes! It seemed like enough time, but dang! The math just took a while, you know? Anyway, with Jane's help, we got the answers and were able to compare the price of a square inch of bikini (25 cents) to the price of a square inch of concert T (2 cents).

Dave then asked if it would be possible to make a bikini out of the deconstructed concert T.

"Yes", I said, "I'll just need staples, tape, a hot glue gun, a cold glue gun, glue, and a gun".



Dave then displayed the scrap of paper with my sketch and calculations to the TV audience. 

:"See this? MTV2 wants kids to learn. MTV2 Isn't all about spring is about math! .. and book-learnin'... for the kids... not spring break boobies in the face. We want to learn real stuff... We want to grow up to be good people..."

That wrapped up our on-air involvement with the Foo Fighters show. Jane and I were now going to just relax and be audience.


Jim singing Dave a morning song as five cameras look on.


A little later, the rest of the Foos came into the studio and did some aerobics.


Red bull in the break room had been replaced by a fantastic Sunday breakfast.


Jane relaxing in the breakroom.

Instant outlet.


One of the control rooms. 


Three Foo Fighters await their morning massages.


It was close to nine thirty when I wandered out to the streets to see if I could get any shopping done.

The streets were being blocked off and traffic re-directed in anticipation of the Puerto Rican Day celebration. This van was hauling a set of very pointy masks.

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June 21st, 2005.

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