Foo Fighters

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I had a very successful shopping trip out to H&K and Macy's.

The street style in New York was tufted plastic outfits with flag-capes, so naturally, I bought a similar getup for myself as a souvenir.


By the time I got back to MTV, things were breaking up, and everyone was saying their goodbyes and thank yous. I just had time to stick one more instant outlet before making my way to the exit.



Jane and I checked out of the hotel and formulated some plans for our last 4 hours in New York City.

This was the view of the street from our room, by the way. I could see my house from here.


The first stop was the Whitney Museum of American Art.

It was not the best set of shows I'd ever seen, but they were impressive and provoking, like a museum show should be. The structure by Banks Violette was memorable.

Photos are forbidden, and this rule is enforced at the Whitney like no where else on earth. I had to find the most remote corner to place an instant outlet.



After the Whitney tour, Jane and I met up with her friend Ben.

Puerto Rican Day had transformed New York into party. A party with really, really good security. 


NYPD tow truck.


What is worse? Stopping the guy from MTV's hidden camera show "Boiling Points" by yelling "Boiling Points?", or posing for a photo while you still have the green sticker from the Whitney on your shirt?


After a walk and a cab ride, we arrived at Bryant park. Part of the park had been cordoned off, presumably to protect people from the ants there.

We ate.


And killed time waiting for our car back to the airport.

Ben and Jane.


The flight back to Sacramento was on JetBlue. A wonderful airline, I think.

They do a few things just a little differently, but better, for the most part. For example, to empty the plane faster, they let people leave through the back of the aircraft. They literally removed the bottleneck from this operation.


And finally, at midnight Sunday, I was back home with my wife Stacy and baby June. Hooray!

The Foo Fighters trip had spanned the entire weekend, and it was the trip of a lifetime! Thank you to the Foo Fighters band and management, particularly Dave Gottlieb, and to the Crew at MTV2, particularly Karen Infantino and to the Props department. Props!

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June 30th, 2005.

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